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Petrol Lamp

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Man and the Cashier

A man shopping in a supermarket took his purchase of two cans of dog food to the checkout counter.

The Cashier :- Sir, do you have a dog?
Man :- Yes.
The Cashier :- Well, where is it?
Man :- I left him home.
The Cashier :- You can’t buy the dog food if I can’t see the dog. That’s the rules.

The next day he returned to the store and brought some cat food to the checkout.

The Cashier :- Do you have cat?
Man :- Yes, but I left him home.
The Cashier :- Sorry, If I can’t see the cat, I can’t sell you the food. That’s the rules.

The next day the man walked into the store with a brown paper bag. He walked up to the cashier,

Man :- Put your hand in here.
(The cashier put her hand in.)
The Cashier :- It’s soft and warm. What is it?
Man :- I’d like three rolls of toilet paper please!!!!

A/L Exam

Sinhala Fun Stories-A/L Exam
Sinhala Fun Stories-A/L Exam

Chinese Cabinet Members

    The Prime MInister - "Mr. Wadak Nah"
    The Minister of Postal Dept. - "Mr. Lyum Kium"
    The Minister of Telecommunication - "Mr. Wan Hung"
    The Minister of Transport - "Mr. Payn Yan"
    The Minister of Defence - "Mr. Sune Sung"
    The MInister of Health - "Mr. Sanee Peng"
    The MInister of Media - "Mr. Kium Kerum"
    The Minister of Broadcasting Dept. - "Mr. Gayum Vayum"
    The Minister of Sports - "Mr. Ping Pong"
    The Minister of Agriculture - "Mr. Wawan Kan"
    The MInister of Finance - "Mr. Higa Kan"
    The Minister of Fisheries - "Mr. Allan Kan"

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