Name for a Baby

Lanka Jokes-Name for a Baby-Part One

Gamini Nails

Sinhala Joke Stories-Gamini Nails

Andare Royal Pond

Andare Jokes-Royal Pond

Good Attitudes

Sinhala Jokes-Good Attiitudes


Andare Jokes-Brinjal


Sinhala Jokes-Fisherman

Some humor in Sinhala to cheer you up

Donkey Girl

Sinhala Jokes-Donkey Girl-Part One
Sinhala Jokes-Donkey Girl-Part Two

Love Letter from Dabana

Speed of Light

Sinhala Jokes-Speed of Light

Fun Poem

Law suit

Father and Son

Bride Grooms

Sinhala Jokes-Bride Grooms


Breaking News

Funny Wedding Card